Alena Mazur, the founder of the Sacral Body Architecture International School by Alena Mazur.

Alena Mazur, the founder of the Sacral Body Architecture International School by Alena Mazur.
SAB founder (method author) -Natalie Droen.

In the 1990s, I was an entrepreneur and considered myself quite a successful woman (good environment, friends, fans). But at the same time, my wellbeing left much to be desired. I got tired quickly, my back hurt. By the age of thirty, some serious health problems appeared, and I realized that I needed to change something in my life. I took several courses, such as belly dancing, yoga, Pilates, qigong and others, and went swimming in the pool regularly. There were some results — I became more energetic and active. But over time, it became clear that those classes did not fundamentally improve my health: my lower back and joints still hurt and I felt discomfort in my body.
Then I started looking for ‘my own’ methodology. The desire to get acquainted with different psychological and spiritual trends inspired me to create the PROMICENTER NGO. We invited famous healers, esotericists, and gurus to Ukraine, such as Liz Burbo, Kryon, Robert Gerald and others. I travelled to India and other eastern countries, studied various respiratory and bodily practices and attended more than 300 workshops.
But all that did not give me deep inner satisfaction. It was only after I visited Natalie Droin’s classes on Sacral Body Architecture that I realized what I had been looking for! That amazing woman, who gave birth to seven children, raised 17 grandchildren, who at 87 was slim as a girl, elegant and light in her movements and continuing to grow both in the literal and figurative sense of the word, was able to convey to people her unshakable faith that the body is the Shrine of the Soul. She proved with her own life that having learned to build your body in accordance with the Law, which means to hold your head correctly, locate your feet, feel the axes of your legs, arms, etc., you are able to begin a dialogue with the Creator, who has gifted our body to us. ‘Through the divine inhalation of Mercy and the exhalation of Ascension,’ as Natalie used to say, you can learn to build inner beauty that transforms into external beauty at any age.

I was impressed by the strength of her faith, her experience and worldview. I realized that the body is as important as the spirit, the soul. I began to attend all her workshops and programs for future SBA instructors. We actively corresponded with her and talked a lot on the phone. Later, she invited me to her house in France to study. That was a very important trip for me. Being with Natalie every day, listening to her and learning from her, all that allowed me to catch her fire. Then I made a promise to Natalie that I would do everything in order that any woman at any age could learn to heal herself, building her body to grow, not to age.
Since the time that I started to practise SBA, I have been renewed and reborn; I have even got 2 cm taller! My back problems are gone. I have given birth to three children, and I can say that pregnancy at 28 was harder than at 40, when I was following the SBA practice. When I was pregnant at 28, my lower back and hips hurt, it was hard to walk. With my third child at 40, I had no health problems at all, and I lead the SBA classes until the final month of pregnancy. After giving birth, I naturally put on some weight, but very quickly dropped from 73 kg to my habitual 56 kg.
During this time, I was breastfeeding my child up until he was 3 and a half years old, without going on any diet, and still with a great appetite as I ate for two! And all this was possible just because when the bones are in their proper places, all the tissues are located on a correctly positioned skeleton: nothing hangs anywhere and nothing sticks out.
And there are many such examples of women from our group going on maternity leave at the age of 40 and older, and in all respects their pregnancies were far easier than they had been at younger ages. These are true examples that with age it is possible to restore the skeleton so that it will be easier to bear a child and give birth, even than at younger ages. The practice of Sacral Body Architecture allows your body to regenerate quickly.
Knowing how to properly align our feet, we can cure our spine, headaches, and internal organs. Having built our body according to the Law, we can sense that we have a foundation, a feeling of stability, the support that heals and guides us. That is what gives just the right location of our feet!
During practice, we learn to listen to and agree with our body, to fill it with a desire to correct deficiencies, to direct it to painful points of breathing. Having found a discomfort zone, we get to know it again, create strength around it, give it our attention, attract light and heat there. And the pain goes away. Everyone can learn the practice of Sacral Body Architecture, it is not so difficult. The most important thing is that you have a desire to grow and develop physically and spiritually, and while we are doing that, we are not growing older, but growing!

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