Why is the Sacral Body Architecture practice the best practice for modern women?

Why is the Sacral Body Architecture practice the best practice for modern women?

Purposes and tasks

The Sacral Body Architecture practice teaches a woman at any age, irrespective of her health and appearance, to independently transform her body and inner state. Thanks to it the woman doesn’t have to visit a gym and meet an instructor regularly. The woman doesn’t need to carry out complicated practices, techniques or meditations. The Sacral Body Architecture exercises liberate from visiting osteopaths, psychologists or coaches.

Once having learned, understood and realised the principles of the sacral creation of a woman’s body, you have the real instrument of interaction with yourself, and you always independently, at any external changes of your body, apply the Sacral Body Architecture exercises to improve your health and reorganize your body.

The Sacral Body Architecture practice compares favourably with other practices.

What is the difference between the Sacral Body Architecture practice and other practices?

The Sacral Body Architecture practice is created by a woman for women. 

The energy systems of a woman and a man differ considerably. Our body plans are different. The men, who invented yoga, Pilates and other systems, were not in a female body therefore didn’t understand its tasks and needs. The Sacral Body Architecture practice was created by Natalie Droin, a French of Russian origin, when she was 60 years old. Natalie Droin created this practice through her intuition and comprehension of her needs of improvement, transformation and conservation of her body and inner state. The insight and awareness follow from a prayer, an internal request. Natalie Droin succeeded in realising how a woman can transform her figure and change herself, make herself a healthy feminine woman. Not only in a way of improving her body shape – her thin waist, slender legs, toned arms, a long neck, free shoulders, but also her inner state and disclosure of female traits and qualities.

The important difference of the Sacral Body Architecture practice is that a woman shares with women her experience of her body transformation embracing the female essence and female figure. A simple example: a woman is pregnant; she gives birth to a child. She needs to strengthen her body and belly muscles in a way to ease her pregnancy period and have enough space for her baby to grow. A woman needs to have strong lateral abdominal muscles, but not a ‘six-pack’ look like men build.

The Sacral Body Architecture practice is a system of body exercises available to women of any age. Those are not difficult yoga poses or asanas. First we learn how to do simple movements slowly, starting from a basic level, and having got used to doing them, we gradually complicate them, expanding their amplitude, flexibility and rotation. Such Sacral Body Architecture exercises as the foot strike, belly muscles toning, lower back straightening, spine extension, neck flexibility, beautiful arms formation, we can do during the day, while in bed, washing, putting on shoes, sitting in an office, driving or travelling on a public transport. Even when we are standing in a queue and our back hurts, we can quickly transform the back pain doing some simple Body Architecture movements.

We learn to breathe properly when we move. How to locate and relax the stiffened muscles which impede our breathing and to strengthen the weak ones.

Transforming our body, we transform our inner state. It’s hard and painful to stand crooked on one leg. Our hips, back and legs hurt. The body pain impacts our state and we feel bad. The Sacral Body Architecture practice helps to learn, locate and realize relationships within the body, when the body posture causes the inner state. When we stand correctly on our feet, thus building a correct posture, it is possible to change our state and mood, to feel opened. To open our chest, to open our upper back, to open our heart. To feel full and enriched, to sense joy and happiness, having released our internal organs and glands which are in that zone. We can tighten our belly and make it strong. By means of conscious breathing, creating new neural connections and developing new habits. By means of bringing awareness in the way we think and move. Knowing, which muscles we can tighten. Having just framed a strong belly, we feel more focused and concentrated. We feel the state of balance and stability, a core strength, when we put our feet properly. We can reach the state of inner balance doing micro-movements, regulating our muscles, tendons and foot bones. Our feet mean the strong base and inner state therefore. Not anxiety, fear, bewilderment, uncertainty, instability, but the contrary. The most important factor of the Sacral Body Architecture exercises is that using our body, by means of respiration, attention and inner work, we change our inner state.

Spiritual inner work. Viewing the body as the Shrine of the Soul, treating our body as the Shrine of our Soul, transforming it into the proper harmonious healthy state, we are engaged in spiritual and inner work. From our body as the Shrine, we can address our Angels, God, Creator, the Highest Forces in which we trust, with a request, a prayer and to welcome in-depth filling with light, energy, love.

The combination of harmonious proper women’s movements, women’s breathing and inner spiritual work, make the Sacral Body Architecture the womanly unique and effective system of transformation of the body and inner state.