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7 Ways to Test if Your Posture is Correct

Do you want to stand tall and have good posture? Would you like to have improved body image  and renewed self-confidence? Try this straightforward test to get you started. You can wear stretch sports clothing or underwear. Stand straight on a flat surface in front of a large …

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Body and Foot Axes

Body Axes Our legs and arms have duality (left and right), as well as integrity, as they are connected in the middle. Between the two parts of the body, which should look ‘mirrored’ and should be, as far as possible, symmetrical, is a Vertical Line that runs down …

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Contacts main office instagram FB +38 068 239 08 30 +38 050 310 40 30 mail sacral.kiev.ua@gmail.com  Head of SBA Office Alena Mazur Сheltenham: Tatiana Zinoveva +4407474469182instagram @facefitness_britaintatu57@yandex.ru London: Anisa Ahad +44 7738 887244 Instagram: anisaakhad FB: https://www.facebook.com/anissa.abdullayeva anissabk@gmail.com

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Why is the Sacral Body Architecture practice the best practice for modern women?

Why is the Sacral Body Architecture practice the best practice for modern women? Purposes and tasks The Sacral Body Architecture practice teaches a woman at any age, irrespective of her health and appearance, to independently transform her body and inner state. Thanks to it the woman doesn’t have …

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Я отношусь к телу как к Храму

Натали Дроэн, автор методики САТ, учила поднимать быт на уровень духовности. Это один из важнейших уроков, перевернувших мое отношение к телу. Теперь каждый день делаю свою реальность более сакральной, медитативной и возвышенной. ⠀ Тело – храм души. Это не просто материя, в нем я ношу свою душу и …

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