Life Digitalization — Reimagining Our Private and Professional Lives

While many companies have already been subject to some degree of life digitalization, others remain struggling to keep pace. In a post-pandemic world wherever innovation is somewhat more rapid than in the past, legacy market sectors such as life insurance are no exception. Therefore, tech online companies are finding strategies to tackle older issues in a new approach. Nelson Lee, a co-founder of iLife Technologies, clarifies how his company’s technology can help term life insurance brokers create interactive customer experiences without the coding. After four weeks of development, the company counts over 1000 insurance agents as users.

While modifying our personal lives is normally crucial, the digitalization of our professions and private lives is also a great way to reinvent our careers. A recent study by pew exploration center and Elon School analyzed the suggestions of professionals, scholars, and technology pros. It uncovered that people happen to be increasingly leveraging technology to get work or find a job. For instance, social networking sites can be used to meet up with friends and family members. This networking can result in new options. For example , by having information to a social network site, a job google search will suggest jobs that fit the profile.

Eventually, life digitalization can reinvent our privately owned and professional lives. According into a study by the pew investigate center, the digitalization in the workplace is helping visitors to re-imagine their employment opportunities and private lives. In addition to providing facts, technology can help you us meet new people and make connections. Through social networking sites, we can find fresh opportunities and get in touch with each of our contacts. We could even interact with our network and be suggested for task openings.